Lauren Elise. And uh, that's about it.

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i dont understand the stereotype that women are obsessed with shoes, like have u ever met a high school boy

FREAKING YES. Every boy.

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get-up-world said: Hi.


Anonymous said: It possible could be... Maybe you would know if i smelled your shampoo.. :D

But if you smell my shampoo…then you would know that I talk to my cat blanket, and sometimes yellow at it. O.o

ellasun said: OMG SINCE WHEN DID YOU START LISTENING TO THE HUSH SOUND? Sorry, I was creeping on yo Tumbla, gurrlll

WOAH GURL YOU KNOW THE HUH SOUND? They’ve only been my favorite band since 6th grade!

Anonymous said: Your so flippin' gorgeous! :D... just saying

Thanks! :)

…this wouldn’t happen to be Katy, would it?

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I need lipstick this color.

I need lipstick this color.

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Of his kind

Of his kind

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